Buffalo Active Lite Shirt (long-term review)

A good choice for Gravel Cycliing


prod_active_lite_shirt_slate-565x785The Buffalo Active Lite Shirt comes from one of the main proponents of the DP, pertext-and-pile, clothing system.  Based in Shefield, UK their clothing is based around a Pertex outer layer over a pile inner layer and has a well-regarded status.  This clothing system requires a different mind-set when compared to a membrane shell-based clothing system – most notably, none of their garments contain a water-proof membrane and as a result you run the risk of getting ‘wet’, but I won’t be discussing this aspect of their clothing.  This is what Buffalo say about the smock:

A milder weather alternative to the Mountain Shirt, when less insulation but maximum wicking is required. PForm shell fabric with its technical unique weave gives a highly breathable and windproof performance making this garment ideal for low level hill walking and trekking, climbing, mountain biking, running and general outdoor activities.  This garment works most…

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First post

As I sit here at the computer nursing a broken hand after a wee tumble over the bars yesterday I decided to start another blog
No I would love this blog to give more to people interested in gravel bikes or the new type of riding which is called gravel riding. 

So whether you are in established writer an expert in the field or someone wanting to start a journey; the site needs you both as a writer and for inspiration.

Get in touch with drop me a line and if interested in joining this blog as a contributor or writer and I definitely want to hear from you